API, get all dimensions aligned to selected dimension

I am trying to write a macro to delete an entire dimension string and
the only way I can think to do it is have the user rmb a dimension,
select Delete String then the macro would collect all dimensions
aligned to the selected dimension and delete them all and also delete
the original selected dimension. The two problems I have is that I am
not sure how to check for dimension alignment and I am not sure how to
add something to the rmb menu.
Does anyone have an example or suggestion on now to accomplish either
of these two tasks?
Thanks, Sam
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Sam, I think unless you are deleting the origin from an ordinate dimension, or your dimensions are grouped, selecting a single aligned dimension to delete will not delete all the aligned dimensions. You need to have the dimensions grouped.
To align and group dimensions, in any one view control select or box highlight the dimensions, right mouse click, align, then while still highlighted, right mouse click, group. Then you can move or delete all those grouped dimensions together.
Hope that helped. Diego
Sam wrote:
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Are you implying that even through the api there is no way to determine if two dimensions are aligned with each other? That does not seem right but I cannot really argue because I cannot find a way to do it yet. What I am trying to do is give the user the ability to delete any dimension that is aligned to the selected dimension, seems like that should be possible.
Thanks for your response
Diego wrote:
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