API - Deleting model dimensions from drawing

I'm working on a project in which I:
- Import model items into a view (I'm mostly after dimensions)
- Scan though the dimensions that were imported and delete
some dimensions based on their prefix.
The part I am having trouble with is deleting dimensions. I'm trying
to use SelectByID like this:
MyDim = MyDispDim.GetDimension
swDrawing.SelectByID(MyDim.FullName, "DIMENSION",
0, 0, 0)
But it doesn't work. I don't get the full name. For example, if the
full name is:
"Outer Land@Sketch1@DrawingTemplate1-SectionPart-1-1@Drawing View3"
I get a value of :
"Outer Land@Sketch1@SB025AZ0_Outer.Part"
So the dimension is not selected.
Does anyone know how to the correct name, or are there any other ideas
out there for deleting these dimensions?
- Luther
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I found a solution, but for anyone else out there wondering:... (From SW API Support - this works)
Since you already have the DisplayDimension, please realize that this "is-a" Annotation. You can access the Annotation, calling:
and the Annotation interface comes with a method:
You can call this directly, without the need for ModelDocExtension::SelectByID2().
Once you have selected the dimension, call: ModelDoc::DeleteSelection to delete them in 1 go.
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It would seem you could modify the code in: Get Assembly Component From Selected Entity Example (VB) to do what you want also.
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