Talk about novice

I'm EXTREMELY new to Solidworks and I'm having trouble moving a bod in the Z-axes

Here's what I did

-Sketched a body (pivot arm main body) and extruded it using Mid Plan (I also Drafted the body 4.0 Degrees)

-Selected the front plane and made a second sketch (Arm itself

-Extruded the second sketch also using Mid Plane also Drafting it 4. Degree

-The Arm is offset in the Z-Axes by half the bod

All I want to do is grab the extruded Arm and move it in the Z-Axe

0.75 inches to fit onto the Main body I'm sure this is just me being dumb

BTW I'm new to the forum. My name is Joe and I'm pretty sure I'll fin

everything I need here with questions on CAD programs :

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