When creating drawing dims only, model baselines may not be used

I create (and also modify) a lot of drawings for sheetmetal parts and usually use ordinate dimensions to dimension the flat pattern. I often get the following error when working on other peoples drawings: "When creating drawing dims only, model baselines may not be used". Is there any way to add a dimension to this baseline? So far the only work around I have is to create a new dimension and turn it into an ordinate one and then place the 0.00 on top of the previously existing one.

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That's the only thing I've found is to create drawing dims as "Common reference" first then change them to ordinate. PTC suggests the following:

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TPI 34295 suggests what we've already tried and as alternative 2. For alternative 1, they suggest changing the configuration option CREATE_DRAWING_DIMS_ONLY to No. Then it claims that these baselines "can then be selected and referenced for any newly created dimensions." I can't verify this, but it's worth a shot. Just be aware: Pro/e configuration is not an exact science; you can easily produce 6 unintended consequences for every 1 problem you solve. This is the direct result of Pro/e being the brightest star in the Workaround galaxy. NOTHING is confronted and actually solved, problems remain and fester, the backdoor is taken on every possible occasion.

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