Drawing requires re-saving, only after adding second sheet, when re-opening the drawing.

Hi All,

Drawing requires re-saving only after adding second sheet when re- opening the drawing. Even though the part has not changed.

Has anyone found a work around with this issue yet?

This has a spr number and has been going on for a very long time now.

I have de-selected the following options,

"Allow auto update when opening drawings" "Verification on rebuild"

After deselecting,

"Allow auto update when opening drawings"

The drawing no longer requires re-saving, but now shows "traffic lights", in the feature manager tree on both drawing sheet icons.

Deleting the second sheet returns the drawing back to normal.

Where this is a pain, is when I check a 700 part assembly, in to Pdmworks and I have to remember what and where the drawings are that have more than one sheet.


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