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I have Just tried to install solidworks 2004, but I had a few problems. The installation could not find the on cd1,even through I could, this was after trying 2 machines with 3 cdrom drives. Copying cd1 to the hard drive and installing from there, cured this problem, but gave me another, how to install cd2! Ha!, by copying the files from cd2 to the same folder, allowed the installation to work, then doing the same for cd3, allowed a complete install.

22 year of IT experience, has served me well, there is always a way! There is only one problem, I can't get around, and that is it will accept my serial number, but not my registration code! phone call to my VAR, I think. I have only fooled around in 2004 for about 30 mins, but I must say, wow!, it's looks and feels really great. My only hope is, that they get around to doing the same great job on PDMWorks! I like to give credit, where credit is due, Solidworks 2004 a big yes, PDMWorks no. I have another great job tomorrow, upgrading a drawing server with bigger hard drives and a new raid card, to be able to continue to use Solidworks, it has filled the old hard drives up!
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what is it that you don't like about PDMworks? We're considering making the jump to using it, and the feedback I've heard has been generally positive...

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1, No links between drawings numbers and file names. if you want to use drawing numbers you have to use an external database to generate these. more expense and more work.

2, If you check in an assembly, it checks in all of the parts used in that assembly in to the same project folder.

3, After checking in the assembly and parts documents, if the "delete local copies" box is selected, your drawing documents have lost their links! So be sure to check in the drawing documents first or unselect the "delete local copies" box. This leaves two document copies on your system

4, when opening assemblies from the vault, the assembly and the part documents used are all put into ONE solidworks working folder, Not into the folders that you created the documents. you can select a folder, where you want to put the assembly, part or drawing document, but if you select an assembly document, it puts all of the part documents in to that folder too. This is not much of a problem if you are only doing one type of project, but if you make two or more projects, sharing some common parts or assemblies, it can get very confusing, with only a little arrow on the document icon to show that it is a shared part.

I know that some people that like Pdmworks and it suits their type of work, but in a situation where an insurance company requires that there is a link between document names and drawing numbers, then PDMWorks can not seem to do this on it's own.

The Solidworks package becomes Solidworks Office Pro, when you add PDMWorks to Solidworks Office, but it is not a FULL professional system, it is more like buying autocad LT instead of the full version. You NEED to buy other software to make it work the way European drawing standards state.

You can get a 30 days evaluation period by contacting your var, and I would very much recommend you try it first, to see if it is what you want. Good Luck!

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