Cannot start Solidworks 2004 after reinstallation

I have recently purchased a new PC and I have installed my Solidworks
2004 but it does not work. The installation of Solidworks on my old PC
was done by a friend of mine who is not availble right now.
During the installation I have entered: my Solidworks serial no and the
Auth Code.
The error message says that the software is not commissioned properly.
Could you please advise me what I can do to resolve the problem?
Any other settings ?
Thanks and regards
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This is from a previous thread here in this NG - might help you.
**************** "This version of sw has not been commissioned properly"
The above message is saying that it's looking for a dongle security device.
This message will happen if your language setting in Windows mistakenly gets changed. My kids have done this before. For example let's pretend you are in America or another country where a dongle security device is not required. Many countries in the world do require a dongle security device. If the language setting in your computer gets changed to a country that requires a dongle you will get that message. You need to go into control panel and find the "regional and language options" and verify the language setting. I'm about 100% sure you will find that has been changed. **************** You might also have forgotten to move your dongle to the new machine. WT
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Wayne Tiffany
Hi Wayne, Does this mean that if I change my UK machine to US language, I do not need to use my dongle?
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I think serial numbers are coded by country, so no matter what language is installed, it still knows where it belongs. Nice try, though.
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Just move to SW2006... no dongle! You register a work and home version.
yippie, someone is listening.
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Cam J
Hi Wayne,
Thanks for the valuable information. You are right. After changing the regional setting everthing is OK.
Thanks and best regards
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