No Vaultadmin - PDMWorks 2004 SP1/Solidworks 2004 SP1

I upgraded to SW2004 a while ago, and patched it to SP1 shortly after it
came out (since I was only testing 2004), and have recently installed
PDMW2004 to start testing it out. I then patched it to SP1 too, without
trying it out first. Now here is the problem, I can't find the
vaultadmin program. It's no where, not in the vault, not in the vault
installation directory locally, not in the start menu. I've done
searches for "*admin*" everywhere and it's not to be found.
Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, any suggestions, besides
uninstalling it it all and restarting?
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John Smith
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The Vault Admin can be installed with the "custom" installation choice of the Client components. With SW, by default, all that's installed is the add-in client, but with the custom installation you can choose also the standalone and the vault admin. This means that if you want the vault admin on the server, you have to go through the client install.
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Wow, can't believe I didn't see that, I usually always do custom installs of software, just to see all the crap they are putting on. Thanks for you help Matt.
matt wrote:
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John Smith

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