create text character?

i'm trying to incorporate into a table a character consisting of a "V" inside a circle - similar to existing special text. I've tried creating a symbol and using &sym() but I haven't found a way to center it vertically in the cell. No matter where I set the origin it still locates the same position in the cell.

My best hopes would be to make a text character similar to the existin ones consisting of a letter inside a circle.


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Have you tried making your own font? We do this for our business logos, but I don't know how to do it myself.

The help files say:-

You can create your own font and set it as a default or auxiliary font in a drawing. For information on creating user-defined fonts, see the Pro/ENGINEER Installation and Administration Guide. Note that when you start Pro/ENGINEER, the system first searches the local directory for the files specified in the index file. If it does not find them, it searches the Pro/ENGINEER loadpoint directory. When you save user-defined fonts locally, you should move them to a new location whenever you transfer the drawing. If the system does not find fonts used in the drawings, it uses a different font and the appearance of the text changes accordingly. Therefore, you should maintain font files in the load directory area.

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