Hi all:
I'm not a programmer. I am the CAD admin where I work.
In a few months, we are implementing SAP as our MRP system, though we
will continue to use PDMWorks.
Before we implement, we need to change all of our part numbers. Yes, I
agree this is insane, but nevertheless we've been acquired by another
company and as such we're changing.
We obviously don't want to do this manually, and preferably want the
files to remain in the vault while these changes are made. Luckily (in
this case) our files are named descriptively, so only the "Number"
field needs to be changed. We will probably also be using a new
"Revision" scheme though I haven't figured it all out yet.
Can this be done thru PDMWorks API? What version is needed? (We are on
2004 shortly going to 2005)
The following will be necessary: Changing Properties, maybe changing
Revision, maybe adding some sort of "DONE" flag...
My VAR hasn't been very helpful, and my boss is getting very cranky at
the lack of information. To top it off, I have two machines/projects
in production that won't let me sit down.
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You can use the API to open the files, then change the Number property, then check back in.
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