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Hi All:

**This is a long post, but I could really use some help especially from you CAD Admin types.

Due to our company being bought out by another, we're being forced to change our part numbering system. We have already done this, and we're going thru a few more changes still as we begin using SAP for our MRP system.

We're still using PDMWorks, probably for another year and then they want us to switch to using SAP's PLM(pdm) software.

The main issue here is with the goofy part numbering system. Before, we used a 6 digit system with revisions. For Example:

506254 revision B: Any change to the drawing/part would result in a revision change.

NOW, the new system adds a -01 "version" number to the original number. For Example:

506254-01 revision B: a simple change to the drawing not affecting function will result in a revision change to C. But, a form fit function change results in the version number being incremented -- so here a FFF change would result in a "new" part number 506254-02.

Sounds crazy, yeah? I agree, and this sucks to high heaven. But I don't make the policies I'm just trying to choose the most reasonable way to deal with this in PDM. (and BTW, our PDM was improperly implemented and managed before I got here, so it's a mess)


Parts/Assys are named with only the first 6 digits of the number. Ex.

506254.sldasm Drawings are named with 6 digits plus -01. Ex. 506254-01.slddrw Both files of course also have the "Number" field filled in with the complete number (506254-01).

When a non-FFF change occurs, the files are simply uprevved in PDM.

For a FFF change:

"version" number is incremented to -02. This results in a new drawing

506254-02.slddrw. It's created via save as and the revision goes back to rev A. The assembly filename remains the same, but the "Number" is changed to 506254-02, and then is checked in with changes at the next revision (don't care what it is).

PROs: because the filename of the assy(or part) doesn't change, there's no need to do any CAD work on the next higher assy! This saves us alot of work. CONs: the revision of the part/assy files is seldom correct (it never was anyway). This forces the user to pretty much open the assy via the current drawing to make sure it's correct.


Same as above, except that the part/assy file would be named with the entire number, just as the drawing. Ex. 506254-01.

When a FFF change occurs and the version number is changed, we will create a new part/assy file containing the changes. Drawing situation is the same, with the exception that it needs to reference the new assy rather than the old one.

PROs: The assembly number matches exactly, as does the revision. This requires less of an imagination to keep things straight. CONs: Because the filename of the part/assy change, the next higher assemblies will need to be opened and updated. This requires alot of time and effort, and PDMW doesn't have the capability to update the references automatically.

I'm interested to know what you all think about this. I know you'll think the part number system is crazy, but I don't have control over that.



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