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Be able to read a cosmosm file, a *.ses file, and create the gometry, boundary conditions, material properties and convert this file into cosmosworks file is waited by many people. see also :

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> >>We are three german students in the field of construction, the last two >>years we've been working on an interface to convert CAD-files >>automaticaly. Our engine includes full feature-history, >>parametrisation, formulas, associations, sketches, etc. >> >>For we are still in the process of refinement, we invite you to take a >>first peek. If you have comments, ideas, wishes or just want to try it >>out, you're welcome! >> >>Currently these CAD-Systems are implemented: Inventor, Unigraphics & >>Catia. Others (Solid Works, Solid Edge, ...) will be added soon. If you >>want to upload a file for transfer and the versions mentioned on the >>site differ, don't hesitate to write us, we sure can set up something. >> >>Thank you! >> >>
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Hi, i never really used Cosmosworks before. Can't you use STEP or IGES in order to assemble your files there, since it seems to me you just need the BRep-data? Our system has it's main focus rather on the feature-history and anything that goes along (associations, sketches, formulas, etc.). If i'm still in the dark then write me a mail and please provide more details. Hope i could help. Many regards, Wubugi

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