Intralink - new asm, old components.


We are working with supplier that get our prt and asm file to modyfy. Supplier doesnt have intralink but use our templates.

Now we want to check in supplier work to Intralink but some of assemblies have new file name and are using some old components that was not modified and are already in Intralink.

New complete asm have new number. What will happen if we will check in only new files?

How to do it best?

It is all about 1000 files.

Best regards Mathew

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Are the assemblies/components/drawing (all objects) following your naming convention? Not following a naming convention of some sort gives me the chills.

Import the assemblies into your workspace. The problem (I think) is old components that you import will show up as "new" objects. You should (I think) update all the existing components first. Then set the parameters of the new objects & check the new objects. Yes, a big job but unless someone has a better idea, that is how I would do it. You might be able to update all objects & only the objects that are already in Commonspace will get updated. I would have to experiment, but I think that would work.

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