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We are having issues with import of components using
IDF files from Cadence Allegro in a Pro/ENGINEER
session linked to Pro/INTRALINK.
The components have been imported previously from Cadence
as IDF files into Pro/ENGINEER. The Pro/ENGINEER representation
of the board assembly (including the components) have been
checked into Commonspace.
We have defined the ECAD library as the master. We don't
create our own representation of electrical components -
we're happy with cubes.The definition of the component
has changed in Allegro and thus the IDF file. We need to
update the Pro/E representation.
When I import the IDF file (with the new component definitions),
the components existing in Commonspace take precedence over
the component definitions defined in the IDF file.
We have developed an internal process using an unlinked
Pro/ENGINEER session but I was wondering if anybody as a
clever solution to this problem.
Currently running :
Pro/ENGINEER 2001 / 2002430
Pro/INTRALINK 3.2 / 2002270
Tom Hogan
MCAD Manager, Teradyne
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Thomas Hogan
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