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I am a student of manufacturing engineering. I want ot know some
references for Forging,its molds and its softwares. I can work with
ANSYS and CATIA but I think these softwares are not enough for
forging. please guide me for those i said. And please introduce me the
sites about forging. thanks.
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The simplest tutorial on forging is to get a hammer and some pieces of different metals, and an anvil.
Then start banging away.
Nest, get snother piece or two of metal that looks like a die. Place on top of the metal and bang away.
You might use a torch and heat the metal to a "softening" temperature and also bang away.
Now you will know physically what forging is.
I suggest that you visit a library for books.
An hour in the library is worth a week in the laboratory.
An hour in the library is worth a day searching for web sites.
You might be able to ride a horse to the library.
However, if you insist, use a laptop (on a horse or a desk) and go to :
formatting link
Be careful not to learn anything about materials from any of those dangerous sites.
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Thank you jim, but knew those you said. I want to know about preforming dies and the way for determination the number of preforming and forming dies for producing a thing such as manufacturing a crangshaft. how can i calculate it?
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In message , Arian writes
There are various specialised packages around for analysis of such problems. Spend a few minutes with Google. As an example looks to be in the right area (NB I have no personal experience of it) but there are several others.
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