PE as conducting polymer

I want to know how can i convert any grade of Polyethylene to start
conduction. Please guide me here; what aaditives would i use. and what
application would i use it.
I am a second year student at Plastic Technology Center.
Thanks In advance.
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Consider adding carbon or silver particles. You need to add enough particles that you form a continuous network from one end of the PE to the other. The amount you need to add will depend greatly on the size of the particles. Look up "percolation theory" for the theory behind this.
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The percolation threshold also depends on aspect ratio and particle-particle interactions.
The book by Aharony and Stauffer gives a good introduction into the subject. The first chapters can be understood without any deeper knowledge of math.
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how about carbon nanofiber from pyrograf product?
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The amount you need to add should be very low. And the price is about $65-150 per pound, I don't remember the exactly price though.
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Xin Zhang

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