Sandblasting our club logo on stainless?

We are giving stainless service trays to our top teams this year that
we fabricated out of 304 stainless. Now we want to etch our club logo
in the center. Can we sandblast it in?
I'm looking to find the plastic stick on sheets that would allow mr to
cut out the logo for the sandblast to mark. I'm thinking that same as
glass here. Is this doable and where or what is called this plastic
Thanks in advance.
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You can use plastic, rubber (Works best) or another sheet of metal. You'll need to experiment with the media being used so that you get the look and profile you desire. Make sure you have some extra 304 stainless to practice on. Should be lots of shops around with small blast units.
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It's completely do-able. Go to any gravestone engraver (monument company) and ask for some. They sometimes call it "blasting mask". The sort used by monument workers is usually a pliable rubber, rather than plastic. Worked carefully, it's also somewhat re-usable.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
If you polish the rest, the logo could be sandblasted for contrast.
Etch resist, Sandblasting resist, or rubber mask.
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Larry Jaques
Enco and MSC sell rubber sheeting you could use with contact cement.
A vinyl-cutting sign shop might use Hartco Signblast stencil:
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You might just ask a local shop to computer-cut them for you. Will be quite a chore to do nicely by hand.
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Richard J Kinch
You can pick up a roll of Grace Ice & Water Shield - AKA Bitchethane - at Home Depot.
It is a rubber underlayment for roofing that has an adhesive comparable to that of duct tape.
Vincent9993 wrote in article ...
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for a light blast, you can use contact shelf paper. i use that for glass.
regards, charlie
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Charles Spitzer
You might rig up a blast gun and use a cleaning powder called Bon-Ami. Then you can control the blasting/etching as you see fit. I can make a drawing of a blast gun and FAX it to you if you would like. Bob AZ
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Bob AZ
That gun is a likely candidate for the dropbox, Bob.
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Larry Jaques
I have used contact paper for brass with a Harbor Freight Spot sand blaster. Contact paper is only good for a light blast, but was good enough for a brass sign.
Charles Spitzer wrote:
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My best friend makes sandblast stencils for me to put my logo on all sorts of items. He owns a small sign shop specializing in computer cut vinyl, banners, etc.
He probably wouldn't charge more than $50 to digitize your logo, then he could computer cut it out just like he does mine. (He's been doing this for 15 years... so they're PERFECT every time) I'd be surprised if the entire thing cost you more than $150-200. You could probably get the same thing done at any FastSigns, but it will cost you more.
If you want to give him a call, his sign company ACE Graphics, is in Dallas, TX. Bruce is the owner and his number is (888) 767-1988. He also has a web site
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because he is a pilot and also does specialty "N" Numbers for aircraft, so he ships things out very quickly all over the world.
Good luck,
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John will make your stencils". ask for Art
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daniel peterman

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