Made the Super-Metal!

It is almost indestructible and weighs almost nothing !
I´ve developed a fractal-based formula to create this metal which
could be used for making almost indestructible armor !
But it´s expensive, so you have to pay for the formula !
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Tim Spujum
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I quite often have dreams like that, where I have a grip on the answer to the metallurgist's dream of indestructable metal - then I wake up gripping something else.
Sorry to be a cynic, but any more details?
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Simon Kay
YES! Fractals are really strong. What a coincidence. I too use indestructible armor every day. It is the atmosphere of the Earth and it protects me from the destructive forces of the Sun.
Dr. K
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William Kaukler
And it's transparent!
Ideal for making components with non-integer dimensions!
And if you are not completely satisfied, you have been ripped off!
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Alan Walker

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