I tried to import (open) the attached files in SolidWorks 2007 (Open *.IDB).

The files contents a print with 3 holes and 3 components. All I can see is only the print with 3 holes.

Is there something wrong with the files?

best regards Patrick Steiner

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Patrick Steiner
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iQ here. It looks like you are trying to open a PC Board file. i have had little luck with any IDF translation. but there is hope from a little OOPS from SolidWorks. First i have only gotten this to work in SWx

2008 SP3.0 (I have not tried earlier versions with this). install CircuitWorks, it runs without limited time usage clause in this version and service pack. the circuitworks translator can open translations and coordinate bi-directional changes. we use allegro and use .EMN files (which requires .EMP files). i use sketch translations of features named correctly for the translator to work. it is still not perfect but much better than trying to open IDF files directly. i can enhance on this if you would like, i have a internal process that we follow. if you need it i can post it here.

hope that this helps. iQ

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Hi Patrick Try that. It looks like the original IDF contains to many unsupported charachters

If you still have problem Please write me .HEADER LIBRARY_FILE 3.0 "Commend International >generate_3D_data.ulp V0.7generate_3D_data.ulp V0.7

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Patrick Steiner

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