Understaning references?

I don't quite have a good grasp on how references work in SW and it is
coming to bite me in the ass, big time. Can someone direct me in the right
direction as to where I can look to get a better understanding of
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Nathan Feculak
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Some good tips.
Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
have you done the tutorial materials or attended any training?
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bill allemann
I have done all the tutorials and I have completed the essentials part,assemblies and drawing for SW 03. I am booked to take the advanced training in July that is the soonest I could get in. I just ordered two book from Amazon , Engineering design with SolidWorks 2004 and SolidWorks for designers release 2004. I hope that the book will help!
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Nathan Feculak
There is a ton of stuff in the SW knowledgebase. It isn't easy to get through because what you need to know is scattered about, but it is a must read.
There are a couple of API examples in your API help that will list references for assemblies.
And there is a product at
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that can visually show dependencies.
And of course there is SWExplorer which can be used to investigate references.
Besides all that you should take the time to understand how SW goes and finds referenced documents.
Nathan Feculak wrote:
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Parts and assemblies are searched in the following order; first found, then used; 1.. memory 2.. path stored in options for external references. 3.. last path you opened a document from. 4.. last path the system open a document from. 5.. the path were the reference file was located when the parent file was last saved. 6.. the path saved in the header of assembly file for the referenced file. This is the directory data stored in the actually file. 7.. browse for it. Keith
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Keith Streich

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