Mold Base Templates

Here is what I am trying to accomplish. We make rubber molds. We
have a series of standard mold bases that we use all of the time. I
want to be able to create all of the components in the bases and then
assemble the mold base to create a "Mold Base Template".
When we get a new job in that requires us to use one of the mold
bases, I would like to be able to take the Mold Base Template, the
files I created earlier, and save them as a new Job number. I realize
that this can be done with the SolidWorks explorer, but it is very
cumbersome because I have to rename all of the associated files to the
new directory and name. And there could be many different parts.
I was hoping that someone out there had come up with a better plan or
possibly a macro or something.
I would really appreciate any help or Ideas I could get.
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Chris Tellers
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Everybody probably has their own version of how to do this. Many of the parts such as pins and bushings would be universal for every mold. You would just need to change configurations for these from mold to mold.
For plates and such that would have various thicknesses and sizes, what I do is have the letters `mstr' in the file name of the parts in my master assembly. Then when I do a `save as' of the template assembly I can replace `mstr' with my 4-digit job number when I save it to the folder for that job. That's how I change a bunch of file references at once. seems to work for me, but as always, I'm sure you'll hear from others on this subject. Also, there's a good chance I may steal some of the ideas that come from this question.
Good Luck.
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Chris, Maybe I'm missing something. Why don't you use SWX explorer to "copy" the assembly with "children" to the new directory. You could prefix or suffix all the file names with the new job number if you like.
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Michael Eckstein
Open your mold base assembly and hit >File>Find References. Then use the copy tab to save to a new folder. All of your components will copy into the new folder along with the assembly file.
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copy tab to save to a new folder. All of your
Also if you need to rename the parts to have the job number or some other designation to make the files different than the master file after you do a FILE - SAVE AS - REFERENCES and select all of the parts, you can pick REPLACE to do a FIND REPLACE text to rename the parts as well.
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