Datum Feature Problem

I don't normally use the Datum Feature in my drawings. Due to the nature of what we build, it is not needed very often. However, I am doing a project that is requiring different dimensioning techniques and I am using these.

When I insert them there is no problem. Everything works great, looks great. I then close the drawing. If I open that drawing the next day or so, there will be EXTRA Datum Features randomly placed throughout the drawing. This has happened on 3 of the 5 drawings I have created so far on this project.

Anybody seen this? Is there something that I may be doing that is causing this, or do I need to report it?

SW2004 SP3.0 WinXP Pro

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Seth Renigar
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"Seth Renigar" wrote

We've seen it here. We just erase the extra features. It's sporadic, so it's hard to send a faulty file to tech support.


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Deb Dowding

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