How can I attach a datum feature symbol to a vertical axis of a cylindrical part in a drawing. SW will only allow you to attach it to a feature surface and not the axis.

another related question, if I attach a datum feature to a part in the assembly can that be ported through to th edrawing?

Steve R

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Steve Reinisch
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You already stated your answer...It is a datum FEATURE, therefore SWx allows only the correct usage of datums. (check ANSI Y14.5-1994), so the correct usage would be to attach the datum to the I.D. or O.D. of your cylinder....

HOWEVER - If you'd like to use them incorrectly (an unforeseen/special circumstance) you would have to use an actual centerline (not the center MARK). Draw two centerlines and mate them mid point to the origin (assuming that's in the center) and you should be able to add a datum to that...



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