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SW Users,

I recently started working with SW 2005 sp0 and then sp2.

While exploring External References, I created a very simple top-down design by creating a second small cylinder inside of the ID of a larger first cylinder using SW 2005 sp0.

An Inplace mate was created between the two cylinders, by default, as were the external reference symbols (part & assy, feature managers). I then tried to re-create the design with the same design. The inplace mate appears in the assembly, but the external refernces, do not (part or assy).

I loaded sp2, and again could not reproduce the external references or the "list external reference" option (in the drop-down) after right clicking the newly created part within the assembly or the part, as happened with sp0.

I thought that maybe the new 2005 "do not create external refernce" button had been activated or somehow had gotten hung-up.

I don't think the problem is within 2005. Is there a button or option which I've accidently selected or deselected which is preventing the external references from displaying? Many Thanks!

Steve C.

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The external relation symbol (->) will not be created if you have the "no external relations" button pushed on the Assembly toolbar. It is also a setting at Tools, Options, External References. They cannot be hidden to the best of my knowledge, but they can be either not created or deleted.

If you're talking about the blue and yellow icon with the chain links symbol (update holders) that show up at the bottom of the assembly tree, these can be hidden from the right mouse button menu on the top level assembly icon in the tree.

If that's not what you're talking about, then I'm a little unclear about what's going on. when you say:

Did you redraw both parts in a new assembly? Or did you try to remove and then recreate the sketch relations in the existing parts?

If you're not getting the "->" then there is no relationship. I guess you could prove this to yourself if you need to by making a change to the "parent" part and see if the "child" part moves or changes size/location or whatever.

One cause would be the "no external relations" as you mentioned. The only other causes I can think of would be that you either didn't create the relations or deleted them. Since deleting incontext relations isn't something you can exactly do accidentally, I would guess that when you thought you were selecting something from outside the part to create the incontext external relation, you were picking something from the same part instead.

I've been working in-context in my current project using sw05sp2, and I haven't seen any of this sort of wackiness.

If you use the "Hide/Show Relations" eyeglasses tool, you can figure out what if anything the relation goes to.

If you would like a more definitive answer, try to post your model to a website or you could email it to me by removing all the dashes from my address.

Good luck.

Matt check out

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