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I need to update the naming of some components used in assemblies. The problem is there are hundreds of assemblies so opening each one and choosing replace isn't an option. Basically a manufacturer was bought out and we need to change to the new manufacturers part numbers

-- the .prt stays the same only the name changes.

As a test I opened one assembly and replaced the component. Then i diff -r dir1 dir2 in hopes that the change would be a simple text swap. Unfortunately, proe changes a lot more during a replace than the name of the object.

Anybody know of a program or a trick to get this done. I would be more than happy to write a program and post it to the group if someone would shed some light on the .asm file format and what exactly is changing during a replace.

All the assemblies are stored in directories. There is no pdm (Intralink).



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Marc A. Ohmann
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Here's an idea. Depending on how many components need to be change this might be an acceptable option. Load the part and drawing for a component which requires a part number change. Create a family table of the component and add an instance using the new part number. This instance will be identical to the generic except for its part number. Do a "save as" of the component drawing using the new part number for the new drawing. Open the new drawing and replace the drawing model, which is currently the original component, with the new instance you just created. Save the drawing and component. You now have an identical component and its drawing both using the new part number.

When you need to produce an updated drawing of an upper level assembly which contains one of these components you can do a simple replace of the generic (old part number) with its instance (new part number). You have not removed the original component so all other assemblies using them will load without failure. There may not be a need to update every upper level assembly at one time. Maybe some will never need updating. You will be updating on an as needed basis and the effort required sould not be significant.

This may not be an elegant solution but I think it may be a practical one.

Good Luck, D.Miller

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Marc, part numbers should be handled as parameters in part files. These will carry through the assemblies and can be referenced in drawing BOMs. When you need to change part numbers, you change the parameter value in the part. This new value then changes everywhere the part is used as a component in an assembly and in every drawing BOM of those assemblies. You don't have to change anything in either the assemblies or the drawings. Obviously, if your format BOM doesn't contain the part number parameter, you'll have to use Pro/REPORT to add it. If you have done it this way, Pro/E's associativity allows you to change these values in the BOM and have the change propagate to the parts through a regeneration.

David Janes

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David Janes

If you are using a intralink, you can go into common space modify the name and it will take care of the rest. Every drawing and every assembly will be updated.

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John Morrison

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