Re: Wildfire 4.x & Intralink 3.4

We currently run Intralink 3.4 and are considering updating to
> Wildfire 4. PTC shows this is a compatible configuration as long as
> Intralink is version M061 & Wildfire is M030+.
> Can any one offer their experience, good or bad with this set-up. We
> are still a while off in migrating to PDMLink/Winchill so this could
> be a solution that will allow us to run Wildfire 4 and continue to
> exchange files with our suppliers and customers.
> Bruce.
Some have reported workspace corruptions in M060. M061 is supposed to fix
it but the same people report it does not.
That all being said, we migrated to Ilink M060 & WF4.0 in fall 2008 with no
problems at all. No workspace corruptions & everything works fine.
Personally I would not let these possible problems hold up your migration.
Knowing it could happen requires encouraging regular check-in of modified
objects, at the very least daily, which is best practice anyhow.
I've recovered files from corrupted workspaces before & it's not that hard
although I've never had to do a really large amount of files. The import
function seems to work well in M060.
Joe S.
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