dual dimensions

Is there a way of scaling a dual dimension?

For example, I have a scale model I am building and I want the actaul model dimension to be the primary one and the dual dimension to be the primary X5.

Any help appreciated.

Steve R

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Steve Reinisch
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Steve, If it's just the odd dimension, then the following method might do....

In the sketch where the relevant dimension is, add a construction line and dimension its length. Use an equation to make its length 5x the original.

In the drawing, insert the model dimensions which will show the 1:1 and 5:1 dimensions. Create a note and select the 5:1 dimension to be embedded ( if that's the right word) in the note. Group this note with the 1:1 dimension so that it moves with it as the dual dimension. Now hide the 5:1 dimension.

John H

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John H

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