Steam age breakdown train

Once I get the new layout up and running I fancy running a "Breakdown train"
and whilst I'm waiting for planning permission on the layout from SWHTBO
(she wants to convert the garage to a new bedroom!) I thought I could put
the necessary models together.
Before I start reaching for the sticky backed plastic though I thought it'd
be a good idea to make sure I'm on the right track (little pun there ).
I'm assuming the following make-up - working from the engine ... carriage
for the breakdown crew, tool van, match trucks/crane, goods brake. With the
carriage, tool van and brake van braked and the crane/match trucks through
piped ... or would everything be braked ... or have I got the make up wrong,
for instance wold the brake van be in reality some form of
passenger/coaching stock brake van?
The period I *try* to model is around the time of grouping L&Y/L&NW very
early LMS
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Chris Wilson
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You'll be lucky (hope you are :-)), quick look through 3 miscellany books shows couple of photos of L&Y breakdown cranes in L&Y Misc Vol2 (they were selling it cheap). But short of going through 10 LNWR , 30 LMS journals and years of backtrack ....
Good luck. Simon
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Of course google occasionally brungs up something in the 6000000 hits on an obscure topic. 1930's LMS but a hint ?
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Cheers, Simon
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Couldnt help adding this one on same site ...
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