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Re: Bachmann & Graham Farish news
New body shells for Class 45 and 46 versions are expected to follow close behind 4575 class prairie The first GWR 4575 Class small prairie will be a limited edition issue of 5553 in BR lined green...
Re: Lineside fencing
construction I belive it was a legal requirtment from birth.
Re: Air pipes
How flexible are these pipes? I've just realised that on the prototype they are always pulled back at a tight angle to form a semi-circular shape rather than the 'straight down' shape all the pipes...
Re: Mikes models
According to Dave Cleal at Mainly Trains, (he has an online list of the range) the supply of Mikes Models is a bit unreliable. Mainly Trains website is at: this is of help Terry Westford Modellers...
Re: DG couplings - availability?
The Westford website has a description and drawings from the assembly instructions as supplied by DG Couplings. Visit , click on stock list and then on the link to DG Couplings (just under the...
Re: Harry Potter ...
Yes, of course, that's it! Now, about the Knight Bus.... The book description doesn't sound anything like a triple-decker RT.
Modelling Irish NG in 15mm to the foot scale, new group
Hi all, I thought I would try out the idea of a group devoted to the modelling of the Irish NG on 45mm gauge track. 15mm to the foot , 1:20.3 scale. If you are interested then join up at D.S.
Re: Advertisement - New Hornby 8F - pictures
Roger T > Unfortunately, I prefer BR(S) and there's not that much out there. Hornby's Bulleid Light Pacifics and Rebuilt Merchant Navys are excellent, as is Bachman's N Class. I have examples of all...
Re: 00 track
The link from Skelton Junction to the former Altrincham-Manchester line is pretty tight. Everything slows right down and those awful 'westmister four wheeler' 2 car units must annoy people for a mile...
Re: North Wales Tank Wagon
There was a regular traffic in bromine (shipped as bromoethane - more convenient) from the plant on the north coast of Anglesey that extracts it from seawater. I was told that European legislation...
Re: Ballast - Paint
Interesting thread this - However for those without an airbrush: I have in the past sprayed the track itself with a tin of brown undercoat from a motor car bits shop, wipe the tops with a rag soaked...
Re: Translation
"Marcus" wrote A point lever? John.