model car kits for sale

I have listed all problems with the kits. Consider it to be there, if it's not mentioned. Please don't ask me to hold kits if you are not going to pay in a week or so. Thanks

$2.00 kits R/M Vette Agin-painted -started -missing wheels and tires

$3.00 Kits Mono. Allison Thunderbird-sealed Mono. Racing Reflections Jarrett Thunderbird-sealed-Slixx decals-sealed AMT '97 Blazer LS 4X4-painted-has orange peel-slight warp to the body AMT '70 Dodge Challenger R/T-built-missing tires-some paint AMT '78 Trans Am -missing decal AMT '66 Rivera-missing wheels and tires Revell '78 Formula Sunbird IMSA Pontiac-built rough-no paint-needs a lot of work R/M '87 Buick GN-missing glass-box top painted

$4.00 Kits AMT Coca-Cola '95 Ford Ranger AMT '67 Impala Street Machine AMT Dukes Of Hazzard Charger AMT '73 Mustang Mach 1-Street Machines Issue-painted-slight A post warp on right side

$5.00 Kits R/M '50 Ford Custom pickup-sealed JOHAN Turbine Car-promo kit-no chrome AMT '69 Olds 442 W-30 AMT '68 El Camino SS396 AMT Strickler '62 Bel Air AMT '55 Nomad-body painted green AMT '55 Nomad-body painted candy apple red AMT '78 T/A-sealed AMT '62 Impala SS Convertible-sealed AMT '65 GTO AMT '94 Vette Roadster-sealed AMT '57 Chevy Bel Air-old mold (2)AMT '69 Olds 4-4-2 W-30-older issue AMT '67 Mercury Comet GT-sealed SpecCast '48 Ford F-1 Pickup-metal kit Revell Racing Reflections-Gordon Dupont Monte Carlo-Slixx decals-sealed MPC '69 Camaro SS convertible-SS hood is different color of plastic-white stripes are missing

$6.00 Kits (2)AMT '56 Ford-sealed AMT '66 Ford Galaxie-sealed AMT '71 Dodge Charger Street Machine-sealed AMT Ford F-150 XLT-sealed AMT Ford Flareside Pickup-sealed AMT '95 Ford Ranger Coca-Cola-sealed AMT '93 Ford Ranger Splash-sealed AMT '56 Ford Victoria-sealed AMT '71 Dodge Charger (2)AMT '66 Olds 442 W-30-sealed AMT '65 El Camino-sealed R/M McDonalds Firebird Funny Car-sealed R/M '69 Shelby Mustang 2 in 1 kit MPC '87 Vette Roadster 3in1 with Pace Car Option Monogram '69 Ford Talladega Monogram Paddy Wagon Show Rod-w/Batman Comic Revell '88 Thunderbird SC Coupe Revell '67 Chevelle SS396-painted-missing wheels Revell 427 Yenko SC Coupe '69 Camaro-sealed Revell '91 Firebird Formula

$7.00 Kits Lindberg '61 Chevy Impala SS 409 Convertible-sealed Lindberg '53 Ford-sealed Revell Garlits '74 AA FD Fuel Dragster-sealed Revell Datsun 510-sealed Revell '87 Monte Carlo Aeroback-sealed AMT Buick Opel GT AMT original T-203 '33 Willys Van-one seat painted-all chrome still on trees

$10.00 kits Revell '41 WIllys Street Rod-sealed AMT original '60 Chevy Impala convertible.Built kit or a promo,damage to windshield frameLots of paint.It has new resin bumpers.New tires and wheels.

Shipping is $5.00 for the first kit.$1.00 for each additional kit. U.S. sales only NO PAYPAL-NO CHECKS. Money orders, cashiers checks, cash only

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