White metal casting

Ive recently started casting parts in white metal, how do you make
castings that are chrome plated. Ive bought parts in the past which
have been chrome plated. Some part i cast would be perefect if they
could be done this wa instead of spraying them silver.
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You can't cast them plated - you have to plate them.
Since they are metal, I would suppose that you could plate them yourself with a home electro plating/repair kit like I've seen in some automotive catalogs.
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Try looking at Micro Mark or Harbor Freight for a small plating set up. I think I saw a small inexpensive set up from one of them.
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White metal is a generic term that includes a number of various alloys. Some of these can be polished to a chrome-like finish. However, most of these low temp casting alloys tarnish rapidly, so it is important to clean them and clear coat them.
If the alloy is NOT polishable, it can be plated. I would suggest first a copper plate, then a decorative plate. Actual chrome is very hard to do, but there are inexpensive brush plating sets that use either nickel or rhodium. Caldwell Industries is one vendor- I use their stuff. These nickel and rhodium platings look very much like chrome.
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Don Stauffer
And if you don't want to deal with all that work & mess of using those chemicals, consider paying a professional to do it. Look in the yellow pages under "plating". Probably not cost-effective for just a few small parts, but I did it once for a large lead figure.
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Wayne C. Morris
Parts for fire and police models i convert etc (so parts include, lightbars, ladders, etc.) Molds are made with RTV rubber
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