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I've built several custom accessories for my motorcycle that others have
asked about. I've typically machined them from billet aluminum and with the
equipment in my home shop and construction is very labor intensive. I
usually metal finish and polish the pieces myself and then send them out for
chrome plating. My question to the group is this: If I were to get
reasonably proficient with metal sand casting, could I expect to turn out
quality castings with a typical home foundry that would be high enough
quality to match the machined and plated parts I now build one at a time? I
realize I or someone would still have to do the metal finishing and
polishing, but would porosity be a typical spoiler that I would be
constantly fighting?
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Terry Mayhugh
Porosity is not a problem if you use the right methods to cast. More info can be found here:
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Ron Thompson
Porosity and such are usually always associated with the methods and process a casting is made and what it is cast of and such.It can bve eliminated if proper aluminum is used and proper processes are used.......No reason in the world a home foundry casting can not be equal to or even better than a factory made casting if you put your mind to it. One thing I would not do though is cast any items that are a major player in safety or stuctural design, that if they fail a person can be injured or killed........even though a casting may be equal to a factory amde, home casters do ot have the means to check structural integrity as it needs to be if a part is made that can cause injury fails.
check out my site, I have quite a few projects made with aluminum castings, none of which are porous. Visit my website:
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