Lost wax casting help sought

Greetings to all the Casters out there,
It seems that all the ingredients required, except for de-bubblizer,
are now assembled for my first lost wax casting in years. When I did
this before all my castings came out well. This was because of the
good instruction and equipment available at the time, not my skill.
I've tried to duplicate the equipment I used years ago. For
instruction it will have to be books and advice. The casting will be
done on a horizontal centrifugal casting machine. This is the way I
learned. The machine I have now is made by Lucas. It is very similar
to the Kerr machine I used years ago. The metals to be cast first will
be silicon bronze and sterling silver. I have some questions though.
What's a good recipe for debubblizer? 1/2 soap and 1/2 water?
What temperature should the flask be when casting silver and bronze?
The first castings will be at the most 3 ounces. With a Kerr type of
caster how many turns should the caster be wound up?
When melting the metal in the crucible I'll be using an air/acetylene
torch. I remember using flux, boric acid powder, when casting silver.
I don't remember if it's added near the end of melting or when the
metal is hot enough for the flux to melt.
I never did any centrifugal casting of silicon bronze. Only gold and
silver. Does the bronze need to be fluxed the way silver is? Is the
same flux used?
When casting years ago we used different crucibles for different
metals. But I don't remember any metal sticking in the crucible. Are
different crucibles advisable for bronze and silver?
I want to do some aluminum castings too but not right away. Is a
different crucible needed for aluminum?
That's it for now.
Thank You,
Eric R Snow,
E T Precision Machine
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Eric R Snow
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Way back when..........I used Tenture of Green Soap to break the surface tension on the wax. I purchased the soap at a drugstore.
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I'm excited for you! I haven't done it for 20 years so, I am of no value but moral support. 3 oz.! WOW. Keep us abreast...or two.
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Tom Gardner

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