Lexington carrier

Hi all.
I was looking through my Squadron mailer, and came across a Fujimi
Lexington CV2 carrier in 1/700 scale.
It says in their description this is the ww2 version, so I'm wondering
if this is the same as the one docked in Corpus Christi.
My dad has always wanted a model of that carrier, since we've toured it
several times. Thanks for any info.
IPMS Houston
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Randy Pavatte
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Randy. CV-2 was built before WW II and was one of the original carriers used to develop carrier operations before the war. Aircraft were colorful bi-planes. The ship was modified and had a different configuration for WW II action. She was sunk at the Battle of Coral Sea. CV-16, an Essex class Carrier was originally to be named Cabot. This was changed to Lexington after CV-2 was Sunk. CV-16 was launched in Sept 1942. In 1955 CV-16 underwent major modifrications which included addition of an angled flight deck. This is th ship on display. So neither CV-2 or CV-16 in WW II configuration would represent the ship you visited.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
In addition, there aren't many models available of "modernized" Essex-class carriers. Revell once did one that was actually issued as Lexington (CV-16) but this kit was based on another ship in the class and isn't accurate as a model of Lexington. Otherwise, there is Lindberg's kit of the Antietam (if that's still around).
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Stephen "FPilot" Bierce
That early angle deck era seems to be totally neglected. Given some of the colorful markings on Aircraft from the Viet Nam era - especially the Corairs IIs it would be an interesting era for carrier models. Renwal also did an angled deck version of ShangraLa, not sure how accurate it was but the deck detail was kind of heavy handed.
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Does anyone make a photo-etch set for this kit? I have it and have been waiting till a PE kit appears. Bought it some time ago.
Val Kraut wrote:
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Don Stauffer
try Gold Metal Models or Toms Model Works either or both may have something
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