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Hi everyone. Some time ago I was told that a suitable alternative to 1/72 items was one of the toy train scales. I'm not sure now, but I believe this was said to be "OO" scale. It was also mentioned this scale is primarily popular in Europe (my luck). I'd like to verify I have the right designation for the scale, since I have several decent train stores around me worth checking out. The offerings for diorama items in 1/72 scale are growing, but priced a bit high for my limited budget. I hope to find such things as streetlamps, park benches, ect. that I can repaint and detail at a slightly more affordable cost. Also, if anyone can recommend a good online shop here in the US I can find items like I'm seeking I'd be grateful to know. Thanks, and as always happy building!

Randy IPMS Houston

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Randy Pavatte
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ESM 72 Vol.3, #1 and Vol.3, #3 covered buildings and diorama materials with extensive updates since then (we are currently preparing Vol.8, #1).

The database currently contains 552 structures and 344 dioramas and materials.

OO Gauge is 1/76 scale. It was/is mainly a British railway scale including any accessories. Airfix and several of the garage kit manufacturers used 1/76 scale for extensive lines of vehicles, both civil and miltary.

We list all of these, including OO railway engines and rolling stock, in the pages of ESM 72. E-mail us for subscription and back issue information.


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OO scale is 1/76, IIRC. Primarily a British thing ISTR. HO scale is

1/87 & is very popular & common here in the USA.

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frank may

You may wish to look into HO scale items - available at practically any hobby shop in the U.S.

The scale is 1/87, but for some of the items you listed, the difference may not be all that noticeable.


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