Please help finding 1/72 items

I'm working on some small scale (1/72) scenes, and would love to know if
the following might exist:
Mules/donkeys to use as pack animals or small cart pullers.
Dead horses, preferrably without saddles.
I know Preiser makes some nice horses without saddles suitable for
cart/wagon pulling, but I'd prefer some that suffered the effects of
If anyone can offer some direction on the existence of these items,
along with where to possibly purchase them, I would be grateful. Thank
you, and happy modeling.
IPMS Houston
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Randy Pavatte
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Randy, have you tried the model railroad section of your favourite shop? I don't recall any dead horses but burros may be available in farm animal sets. Go for HO stuff. They're closest in size unless there are some 'S' scale (1/64th) critters.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Some model soldier sets have draught horses but they tend to have harness moulded on. The Matchbox Australian WW2 Infantry had a pack mule.
Try this site for reviews of possible sources.
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Farm animal sets might be a better bet as the animals won't have harness. Zoo animals might also be worth a look. I remember someone writing in Airfix Magazine decades ago saying he had used Airfix zebras for ponies or mules. I think the Airfix animal sets are also reviewed on the site.
Gordon McLaughlin
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Gordon McLaughlin

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