Help...need decals

I won a 1/144 F-4 Phantom II jet kit in a raffle over the weekend, but
it doesn't have decals.
Does anyone know of a maker of USA decals for this scale/kit?
Or perhaps someone has some they can part with.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
IPMS Houston
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Randy Pavatte
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Attack seem to be the only firm putting out 1/144th kits with 'extra' decla choices. I think there used to be some aftermarket sheets available but I haven't located any. Only the tiniest of 1/72 markings will be of use to you unless some of those 1/350th decals for carrier aircraft might work. There is a firm doing markings for wargame pieces that I've tried but I have had an awful lot of shattering in the water. I can look up the name of the outfit (a guy and his wife, IIRC) if you're interested.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Try this site, he is a 1/144 freak, you could email him also.
formatting link
Hope that helps...mark
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Mark M
Wow! Thanks Mark!
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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