New Space Flight Vehicles

I kind of hope they (someone) put out a line of the ''next generation'' of all these ships that are going to the moon & the new shuttle design.

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I've only seen simplistic computer images of them, so far; probably more different from the (eventual) production version than the Block 1 Apollos, but easy to scratch.

Alas, I'm not one of those whose scratch-built or conversion projects immediately cause companies to bring out the desired kit, but I'm willing to try if you think it'll help, particularly if it brings out the aforementioned production version of the vehicles.

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Jack Bohn

Based on the History of the Apollo Program and news releases saying Lockheed gave NASA lots of say in finalizing certain aspects of the CEV - I doubt you'll see anything really like what finally flys for a few years.

The original LM design had four rounded windows, two docking hatches, seats for the pilots, five landing struts, and a rope with knots for the crew to climb to the ground. Many public release sketches of the LSAM show big gold wrapped fuel tanks and multiple engines - but hey guys - where's the cargo.

Val Kraut

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Val Kraut

From what I seem of the concept shots, you could build anything from the

60's/70's space program and there you go.
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Kimo Elliott

Please go to

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we will be releasing a 1/48th scale lsam and cev also a 1/288th and 1/144th ares1 and ares 2 rockets

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