Polar Lights USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Just got the Polar Lights Enterprise today and was disappointed. I thought
the model would be bigger and have more detail. True, the snap tite kit
lets you do 4 versions of the Enterprise, but putting the manufacturers data
on the outside of the kit, so it will have to be sanded off, really now. I
did think it was nice giving the option of press on decals or water soluable
decals. I also thought that the clear parts should have been seperate,
like the front of the warp pod nacells and top of the saucer section.
Stan Parker
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Stanley Parker
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The kit size is dictated by the box size, which is dictated by WalMart et. al.; the sanding of the text takes 30 seconds and must have been a Paramount stipulation for some reason; and I can assure you that Thomas Sasser, the guy who did the kit design for PL, is one seriously demented Trekker who will make sure the model is as accurate as possible. Thomas has sold resin updates and conversions for Trek kits for years.
check out
formatting link
for a pic of the completed model, as well as a message board where this kit (among other things) is discussed.
At 10 or 11 bucks it's a great deal too!
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Well, most of these problems can be easily solved. You can build the old 18" one from AMT/Ertl! I see them a lot on eBay for about $10, very close to the selling price of the PL one and it's even bigger, plus there's no raised lettering on the outside. There's a slew of accurizing parts to fix the other details.
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