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I just got the Polar Lights Enterprise NCC 1701 from Target. Not a bad little
> kit. It's been awhile since I've had the old AMT model but I can see
> differences. Such as the taper on the engine nacelles. I don't think I remember
> any on the AMT model.
> Anyway, I think to do it justice I'm still going to have to glue it... >
Dang! I went to 2 hobby shops and 2 Target stores today and came up empty.
I want one for myself, and then one for each of my two nephews. With the
snap-tite feature, I think I can introduce them to a cool hobby!
Gotta keep searching. Do other large chains carry this kit?
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Michael Alvarez
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Target has the PL Enterprise for sale for $7.99. Kit builds into several variants: both pilot versions, series version, Mirror Universe version as well as the Exeter, Constitution and Defiant. Need seven just to build all variants included in the box. Got 5 myself.
Neat that they do stickers and waterslide decals in the same box. Rob Gronovius Visit my motor pool in the
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