Polar Lights Enterprise Quick Review

Just picked it up, I'll try to keep my review brief.
Nice, I like the smaller size, as free shelf space tends to shrink
over the years. Also, the TOS Enterprise doesn't have a lot of surface
detail that a larger model would bring out.
Of course, you make all 3 production versions AND the ISS Enterprise
Mirror universe ship with the decals. The Mirror Universe ship will be
the first variant I build!
Decals are great - offers water slide and plastic stick-ons for
amateurs (Man I would have LOVED that as a kid in the 70s!)
Decals for windows and all colored panels, markings all over the ship.
Plastic is a bit soft, but as there aren't many surface details
anyway, its not a problem.
The small size will be great for variants and different ship configs -
I've always wanted to make the TOS tug kit - and it will be very easy
to convert with this kit. Ditto the Scout ship.
The only complaint I have is the copyright information molded onto the
bottom of the primary hull, next to the dorsal connector. Wont be hard
to remove, but must be careful not to sand too much off to upset the
gently reverse curved underside of the primary hull.
Lots of clear plastic parts for those who want to light theirs also -
running lights on primary hull, bridge, bottom hull dome and nacelle
I give it an easy A. And the extra unused parts will be great
additions to my spares box.

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Mirror universe decals, eh? Very cool.
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T. Forward
In water slide and stick on also. Includes several sword-thru-earth emblems for the nacells, primary hull, underside etc & the ISS ENTERPRISE decal.
Hmm. ISS....Howzabout some villains names for those ISS Ships?
I think the Comic books (in a foray into the ST mirror universe) had an ISS NIXON, which I rather enjoyed.
After I finish the canonical series E, I plan on building a wrecked Constellation and a Mirror Universe ship.
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I don't remember, did they actually show on-screen the Enterprise having mirror insignia? I only remember it on interior sets.
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T. Forward
IIRC They took the standard footage and flipped it,no change in insignia.
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Think you're right, but I thought they did the ISS ENTERPRISE on the primary hull. Need to re-watch the ep.
The E's designer died right last week, right before the kit was released.
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I believe the "Jeffries Tube" was named for him, so he is already immortalized. Kim M
Operation American Freedom- Where is our regime change?
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Heh, yeah I kinda figured that. I didn't want to make any intentional linkage given TM's rather mixed reputation.
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Saturn S. Padua

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