Looking for LCVP detail help

I'm looking for some help with an LCVP project:
What does the interior of the gunner's stations look like on an LCVP?
I've looked at the LCVP project webpage (they built a new LCVP at Higgins
using original plans, in 1999, for the D-Day museum.) There's lot s of in
progress photos posted, but no shot that shows what the interior of the
gunner position looks like.
My best guess at this point is that the gun stations were round holes in
the aft deck, giving access to the interior of the boat. I would assume
there was some sort of seat at the bottom-- the gunner's legs would need
go somewhere, and the position is too shallow for the gunner to be
Can anyone help?
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RC Boater
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After looking at some Floating Drydock plans and the U.S. Navy recognition manual photos of LCVPs, I believe that the gunners' stations are simple holes in the after decking with the scarf ring mounted externally. There appears to be a bulkhead immediately abaft the engine/coxswain compartment, and the flooring of the gunners' position appears to be about six inches lower than that in the coxswain's position. The pictures I saw with gunners in the positions seem to indicate that the men were standing rather than sitting.
A. J. Daverede IPMS 33505
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