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Does anyone know where I can get photos and 3-dimensional drawings of a US >Army

>Mack AC truck ca 1918? I've done a Google search with limited success, so >need >to find a new source. >

What scale AC are you wanting to build? Monogram made an excellent set of 1926 Mack AC Trucks in 1:24 scale in the late 1970's, and these were all three reissued about 6-7 years ago in their Selected Subjects Program (SSP).

The Mack AC was produced with virtually no changes at all from 1913 through

1940, the only addition having been a different set of cast-iron wheels with pneumatic tires, that coming in the middle 1930's. Of course, for a military version, you'd have to build (or modify the stake body) a correct bed for it, but the cabs were virtually identical to a 1917-1919, as were the headlamps and cowl lights.

Art Anderson

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Fred Crismon's "US Military Wheeled Vehicles" published by Crestline Books is probably the only photo reference covering US military softskins from the WW1 and interwar periods (though a specialty book on Mack trucks might be more useful for general arrangement drawings and photos). The Crismon book is generally limited to one or two photos and a paragraph of data, but it is often the only source for really obscure subjects, and it's organized by vehicle type, weight, and number of axles. GPO

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