Airfix/Heller 1/24 Motorcycles any good?

My IPMS chapter is having a motorcycle "theme build" in a couple of
months. I want to participate but don't know a thing about bikes. I
didn't want to shell out a bunch of cash either. So I'm thinking
about doing a 1/24 scale racing bike from Airfix/Heller. Has anyone
built one of these or have an opinion about them?
Thanks in advance,
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I haven't built one but they got good reviews on the Hobby Heaven message board other than the decals being somewhat translucent.
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Al Superczynski
There is a VERY old article in FSM (May/June 1984) which addresses the translucent decal problem on motorcycles. It's a very common problem with motorcycles because of the multi-colored schemes. Basically you can make masks from photocopies of the decal sheet and lighten the areas underneath where the decals will go. It's a good article that goes into superdetailing 1/12 bikes quite a bit. Have you considered that scale? You can fit a lot more detail on one. Or even 1/9. There's always an Esci BMW with sidecar going for about $25 on Ebay...
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Robert Skipper

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