1/24 Spitfire: Airfix or Trumpeter?

Hi. I'm in the mood for a large-scale Spitfire MkI and am wondering
which kit, Airfix or Trumpeter, is the "best". I know "best" is a
loaded word. I'm not necessarily speaking of perfect fit; rather, I'm
interested in good detail, shape and surface molding (panels, etc). I
think I built the Airfix kit when I was a boy (back when it was molded
in white plastic), but I remember nothing about it.
I'm not a panel line bigot, and I don't expect Tamiya fit quality (I'm
working on Hasegawa's 1/32 MkII right now). However, if I have to add
so much resin to the Airfix kit that I end up with the Trumpeter price,
I guess I have my answer.
Also, I haven't found much in the way of reviews for the Airfix kit.
Anyone have suggestions? Thanks very much.
Peace, David
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David E. Young
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Stay away from Mk-I Airfix. The moulds are old and it shows :-((
------------ Regards,
Emil Pozar
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Emil Pozar
Butt the 24th Airfix Hurricane is FANTASTIC
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Julian 'Penny for the guy' Hales
I agree with Emil Pozar, the moulds are very old! I bought one last year (I remembered doing one as a kid too!) and I was very dissapointed! It was a terible fit...I'm no expert but I like to think I have patience and determination. This kit had me beat, I chucked it in the loft and looked at other makers kits. Wolverine.
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(Mostly) agree! But it is fairy newer kit, though.
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Emil Pozar
So, I bought the Airfix kit. Yes, some of the molding is soft and certain areas will need to be rebuilt. Sink marks in the prop blades, landing gear needs some detailing (cockpit also). However, I'm looking forward to building it. The kit has nice shape; the major components seem to fit ok; opportunities for expanding my scratchbuilding skills exist in the wheel wells and cockpit.
I'm not going to add any aftermarket stuff (except perhaps decals). I'll scratchbuild what's necessary. At half the price of Trumpeter's offering, the Airfix kit is a bargain I think. I plan on taking my time and enjoying the work. It should be a beauty when finished. After this one, perhaps I'll do Airfix's Hurricane as well...
peace, david
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David E. Young

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