Trumpeter Lexington review

I am far enough along with my Trumpeter Lex to give some idea of the
quality of the kit. I am fully satisfied. The molding detail is really
exquisite- almost like resin castings! The fit is good in almost all
places, and little flash. LOTS of parts- this is a major project.
Only two gripes. First is general with Trumpeter ships- the hull parts
are too flimsey, with inadequate reinforcement. And insufficient "lip"
if you are doing the full hull version. The result is that gluing up
the top and bottom of the hull is difficult and results in needing some
filler on the seam. I glued the two hull parts together before
finishing either, and recommend this procedure- that is, gluing the
hull together as almost the first step, not later as they suggest.
The second is again a common trumpeter thing- they never mold a
subassembly in three pieces when they can do it in six :-) Oh well,
maybe that is the price we have to pay for having good detail and low
I am using the Tom's Modelworks PE set for the kit, and that is working
well too.
Boy, many of the parts in both the PE and the basic kit are REALLY
TINY! Take extra care, and clean up your work area before starting the
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
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