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Does anybody know of a contact address for Trumpeter? I bought a Trumpeter kit today, but the photo-etch fret and rubber tires weren't in the box.


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I'd take it back to the store you bought it from and exchange it. Unless it was on as "sold as is" or "damaged kits" table, the store ownes should have no problem with taking it back for an exchange.

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Bill Woodier

There is a link on their website but I tried it some time ago for a replacement track for my Challenger 2 got an automated response but 'bottomless pits, dark crevices of the cyberworld & never heard of again' springs to mind.

I eventually bought the Armor Track kit of individual link tracks.

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Ant Phillips

Do not go the long route. Take it back to your dealer. Thi should always be your first choice. There is absolutely no reason in the world they can't take care of this for you. I do this when the situation arises for customers in my shop. Option one is to steal the parts from one on the shelf (then that ones goes back as defective). Option two is to get a replacement kit and steal those parts. Three I ask the distributor to acquire the parts under product support. Four is all else fails return the customers money.

Dave Henk

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Dave Henk

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