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I'm just getting back into the hobby after a few years.

Has anyone built any of the kits from Trumpeter? They have some interesting subject matter...like the Ra-5C Vigilante referred to in another post.

How is the quality? On a par with Hasegawa or Tamiya?


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Tom Bower
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I just started the SA-2 and launcher kit. Been working on it for about

2 hours now, and it seems to be going together fairly smoothly. The plastic is a bit on the "tough" side...taking a bit more time with teh files than usual to smooth a few of the bits. I also have the SA-2 and transport truck on my shelf - that one is a pretty complex kit...going to be some work involved, but will look great.

I also have most of their 1/32 jets, and the new Wildcat (x2) and Corsair kits. I'm satisfied with all of them - particularly the jet kits - and the WWII stuff looks like it's going to be fun.

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"I have the Carriers - look really good. I'm collecting the after market stuff like brass cat walks now. I started the F4U-4 recently. Looks good but I'm waiting for two missing parts. There's a review on line - somewhat critical about molding holes - sometimes on the inside - sometimes on the outside needing filling. Controls are hinged - but push rods seize them in place. Tail wheel retracts but doors and main gear doesn't. Wings sag when in open position. Looks like it will make a great static display though. I tend to imobilize moving parts - they're a temptation to break something. Some of the early kits might be avoided though.

Val Kraut

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Val Kraut

Depends on the subject. Some of their early products had some crude/questionable effects, and even some of the newer items have accuracy bugs (the 1/24 Bf109 looks good, but has important accuracy issues) but they are getting better.

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steve gallacci

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I have a number of their early and late armor kits. Early ones were cheesy knockoffs of other manufacturers' items, and also made of an odd plastic that did not take well to Western cements.

However, their latest kits -- released in the last 24 months -- are a quantum difference. They have produced excellent kits such as a 1/48 scale MiG-15bis, the 1/35 SA-2 cited earlier, and amazing Chinese subjects such as their Type 82 armored vehicle transporter. They have also given others such as DML and Tamiya a run for their money with items like their 1130+ part German K5e (Leopold) railway gun.

If it comes in one of the blue and white striped boxes, you can't go too far wrong. The white Tamiya-style boxes, however, are the original kits and should be circumspect.

Cookie Sewell AMPS

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I think they are pretty neat, I have the F-4U-4 Corsair and the F-4F-4 Wildcat, and have started the Corsair, they are defionately equal to the newer Hasegawa kits, but they are nor the beginners best choice, the PE and steel rods for movable parts are not easy.

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Claus Gustafsen

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