Are foreign kits cheaper in Hong Kong?

I've seen Tamiya and Hasagawa kits advertised on ebay that go for great prices. on average, about eight or nine dollars for a 1/48 Tamiya P-51B. The problem is that shipping comes out to be about $18.

My reason for asking is that my wife and I are traveling to China this summer. Our last stop is Hong Kong. I'm thinking of trading in her ticket for a seat for a whole bunch of Tamiya kits! But that's only if sale prices are considerably lower.


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Not sure about US-Uk prices, as we dont get big hobby shop discounts like it seems happen all the time in the US but im now getting Trumpeter kits that sell for eq of $140 or more for around $40 max, add shipping but i take surface and it works out half price.

buy 3 or 4 and save on shipping, be carefull, seen a few ebay sellers for HK etc that have cheap kit prices BUT damn high shipping, they do it esp to get you into a false sense of security

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You should be able to get some great deals in HK. If you can't get the wife to stay over there you'd better just bring an extra suit case and load it up. I'm sure like most guys you're good with one suitcase. Weight wise you could probably take two or three before they charge you for being over.

Alternately, you could buy a bunch and do your own shipping. Surface should be cheap, just a bit of a wait. hth

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Mike I was there in April and yes, kits are generally cheaper there. I found that Tamiya, Trumpeter and Academy are usually 55-60% off US price. But for some reason, Hasegawas are usually just about 35% off their US price. Write me off board if you want a list of hobby shops. Luckilly, most of the hobby shops are located within a few blocks of each other so you can practically walked out one shop and go right across the street into another shop. HTH

Yuk Kui Ng

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If you are thinking of going for a trip in Hong Kong and plan to get some plastics, it is cheaper in HK compared to the states when you take asian manufacter like Hasegawa into account. The prices varies based on different shops and the type of discount they have having. I do have a good time buying up Academy and Hasegawa kits over there. I be going there end of June for another annual shopping spree.Do e-mail me if you have any question regards to the prices. My family got me some kits during Easter holidays.

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I can recommend

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in Hong Kong. Surface postage is about $6.00 per kit. If you buy 4 or more kits, they refund half of that back to you, about a week after you place your order. Typical prices are Tamiya Bf-109s $13.60, P-47Ds $18.85 and $23.10, Me-262s $21.79 and $24.10, Skyraider $23.00, Swordfish $31.50, Mossies and Beaus around $22.00. They don't carry a complete line of subjects. Notably absent are the Tamiya Fw-190A and F in 1/48. However, even after the postage has been accounted for, you can save a bundle by purchasing

4 or more kits from them. Surface delivery takes 4-6 weeks, but they haven't disappointed me yet. PT

P.S. In addition to credit cards, they also accept Paypal now.

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Forget the case - buy one there, they have some really cool ones and at really good prices. Enjoy

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