Any serious Model Railway (UK) shops in Hong Kong?

Hi all
Wondering if anyone knows the name/address/details of any serious
modelling shops in Honk Kong. I would love to get a bargain if at all
possible, but also would enjoy getting a little 'train time' seeing as
work has prevented that form of enjoyment for many months now.......
ps. there was an earthquake in the region which cut nearly all internet
comms so it may take me a while to acknowledge and thank respondents.
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Hi I haven't spotted any specialist shops in my trips there, although I have seen some railway items in the G.O.D. [ 'Goods of Desire' ] department stores. Unfortunately they all seem to be directed at the American and Continental HO markets. Also, you are unlikely to pick up any real bargains as the prices seem pretty much on a par with the UK....But if you are looking for electronic or camera gear, that's a different story! Watch out for strange voltages though. Enjoy your's a fascinating place.
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There was a reasonable shop in Lai Chi Kok Road in Sham Shui Po which I visited in '02 that was small but had a reasonable selection of model railway items. Mostly Hornby and a Japanese N guage (I think). Had some british outline plastic kits too. Also die cast cars and buses as well if you are into these.
Now I am not sure if it is still open or not - and I can't remember the street number or it's name (yeah, great help in'it ?)
But if you are in HK for a while and need something to do then, I can give you these directions:
Get MTR to Prince Edward, get out at C2 - Prince Edward Road West Walk 100m or so then turn right into Lai Chi Kok Road Now get on the left hand side of the road (so you are walking with the traffic) - you should be going NW-ish The model shop is probably a good 15-20 min slog on foot on the same side you are walking.
It has the buses and diecast section at street level in the window, the trains were upstairs.
At the time staff were helpful and willing to order anything I wanted.
BTW, I found this tool oh so very helpful if you already haven't seen it....
formatting link
I'll try and get the name of the shop from my mate in Germany - but as it was in '02 he may have cleaned his email out by now. But will try.
Cheers Mal Oz
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Am I good or what ??!
I just remembered taking a photo of the shop and I have just dug it out.
Shop is called Concorde Hobby Shop (it's in English too)
Address is 331* Lai Chi Cok Road, Sham Shui Po.
assumed as it is in between 329 and 333 - no actual number on the shop that I can see !)
PS. If you want I can email you the picture !
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"Draconus" wrote
There is a picture (not mine!) at
formatting link
I visited in 2003 and there is far more inside the shop than you could ever image from the size of the front. As someone else has said, railways are upstairs.
Dave W
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David Westerman
Having now narrowed down the location more precisely, I offer these better directions:
Get off MTR at Sham Shui Po - Exit A2, Walk Straight down Pei Ho Street Turn right into Lai Chi Kok, shop will be on your left about 75m up the road. If you get to Kwei Lin Street, you have gone too far.
Good luck. Cheers Mal Oz
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Thanks for that info too, Mal. I must have walked past it on at least one occasion!
Glan [UK]
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